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Tui Life Style

A grand collaboration between Tui Lifestyle interior designer Tui Pranich and Images in Design lead to the creation of a collection of custom photography at the Trump Hollywood. Tui Pranich is known for his designs on luxury homes from New York to Miami. Tui Pranich designs are considered to be unique, modern, and classic. Tui Lifestyle offers an array of interior home design based on Tui Pranich vision by transforming homes into five-star residences.

Tui Lifestyle offers a variety of interior home collections and high-end designer furniture collections at the fraction of the cost. Full transformations are made complete via collaborations that add quality to spruce up any interior space. A collaboration of custom prints from Images in Design helped to complete the transformation at Trump Hollywood. A close partnership like Images in Design and Tui Lifestyle helps to provide the ultimate decorating solution for commercial developers and private clients to revamp an interior space. Customized prints become the ultimate decorating accessory to any interior design company.